ATTAC — the Association for the Taxation of financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens — has set itself up in the UK. Here’s its press release:

British ATTAC Will Seek to Disarm the Markets

The worldwide popularity of ATTAC, an association that promotes controls on the financial markets, has inspired an attempt to set up an ATTAC group in Britain.

At a public meeting at London’s Conway Hall on the 17th of November, British campaigners will speak alongside representatives from the French, Irish and Swedish ATTACs, to discuss the question of how a British ATTAC could work. ATTAC, an international network of national and local pressure groups in 26 countries, has raised broad support in Europe for a tax on currency speculation (the Tobin tax), and for reforms of financial institutions, aimed at reducing the human costs of globalisation.

In the three years since it was founded, ATTAC has enjoyed spectacular growth in membership and influence in several countries. Its French chapter now has 30,000 members. Its campaign for the Tobin tax has forced the French and German Prime Ministers to take the proposal seriously, and put the issue on the agenda of the European Council. Although the national ATTAC groups have a common platform, each one has its own structure, and campaigns are closely linked with local issues.

ATTAC’s work combines education with peaceful confrontation, as when hundreds of members of ATTAC France sailed to Jersey this past June, to debate with local authorities about Jersey’s status as a tax haven, and to attend workshops where they learned about proposals for eliminating money laundering. ATTAC also functions as a kind of think tank; its vigorous critique of free-market economic policies comes from an informal network of academics, who also provide a steady stream of alternative proposals for parliaments to consider. This approach appeals to a large number of people who are alarmed by the power of market forces in their lives, and who feel disenfranchised by party politics.

More information on the initiative to launch an ATTAC in Britain can be found at The international ATTAC web site is

Press contact: Marcus Bischoff (tel: 07855 193 406).

Thanks to Uri for pointing this my way.

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