The Liberator of Kabul

From the BBC:

‘Excited’ Simpson regrets Kabul claims

The BBC’s John Simpson said he is “very, very, very embarrassed” after his widely-reported remarks that he liberated Kabul.

As he entered the Afghan capital he told viewers it was “extraordinarily exhilarating to be liberating a city”.

The Taleban had left the city and the veteran correspondent and other BBC staff arrived before the Northern Alliance column.

His remarks were pilloried by some commentators with even Home Secretary David Blunkett adding a note of sarcasm.

It was later emphasised that BBC correspondents Rageh Omar, William Reeve and Kate Clarke were already in Kabul.

Thanks to Jo for sending this to the weblog. She writes: “Not the story itself, you understand, but the fact that it appears in the “Entertainment” section of the BBC news site.”

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