Not all of my weblog-related postbag makes it into these columns unscathed. It’s usually valuable to read and to discuss other people’s points of view. Not always. Someone who had found their way to this page wrote to me this morning to opine that “the NY disaster was an organized and amazingly efficient operation, only the likes of the CIA and Mossad could do it” and that “it could be a conspiracy”. What kind of conspiracy? Well, there’s an unsubtle insinuation a couple of sentences further on that it might involve “Jewish owned banks”. Ah yes, that kind of conspiracy.

I’m not at all sorry to report that the weblog isn’t interested in giving space to these kinds of “arguments”, so please don’t bother to send them to me. Either put your garbage in the dustbin where it belongs, or if you can’t quite manage that, send it off to instead.

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