Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #9

“Don’t do zero tolerance. Humanity is not black and white, but many shades of grey. Thinking in absolutes is not thinking at all.” A wise rule. Is Anthony Browne the kind of person to present issues in black and white, to make exaggerations, to present things as simpler than they might in fact be in … Continue reading “Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #9”

Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #8

“Don’t feel guilt by association. Judge people by what they are in themselves, not by their tenuous links to others.” Again, I’m prepared to agree that there’s no reason to think that Anthony Browne feels any guilt by association. I think he might have a tendency to judge people by their links to media outlets … Continue reading “Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #8”

Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #6

“Don’t do cultural relativism: stick to a level playing field, and judge everyone by the same ethical standards. Just because someone is a ‘victim’ or a ‘minority’ doesn’t excuse unethical behaviour that you wouldn’t accept in an ‘oppressor’ or a ‘majority’.” Yasmin Alibhai-Brown tried to get him on this one on the Today programme, implying … Continue reading “Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #6”

The Magnificent Pollard

On 15 January right-wing hack Stephen Pollard posted on Interpal, the charity which Mr Galloway’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother is intended to benefit. “The real villain of the piece is not the odious Galloway, whose penchant for licking the backsides of terrorist sponsors we all know about”, he harrumphed. “It is Channel Four, which … Continue reading “The Magnificent Pollard”

Purging Oneself of Political Correctness

In a series of posts below, I tried to show that Anthony Browne committed a number of what he himself takes to be the sins of political correctness in his recent pamphlet, The Retreat of Reason, published by the “think” tank Civitas. In this post, I’m afraid to report that the PC virus has spread … Continue reading “Purging Oneself of Political Correctness”

What Should Think Tanks Do?

Here’s David Green, the Director of Civitas, writing in today’s Telegraph: What should the think tanks do? As things stand, it’s not worth committing much time and energy to Mr Cameron’s policy reviews. This is not too much of a shock, because the Conservatives have not been receptive to ideas since they came close to … Continue reading “What Should Think Tanks Do?”

Political Correctness Gone Mad

Anthony Browne has just published a pamphlet, “The Retreat of Reason” with the think tank Civitas, which can be downloaded here. It’s already prompted quite a bit of blog-discussion, partly, I think, because Browne (Anthony) and Brown (Yasmin Alibhai-) were tearing strips off one another at 8.20 or so yesterday morning on the Today programme … Continue reading “Political Correctness Gone Mad”