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Bonnie Honig writes to the Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

August 24th, 2014
[Letter by Bonnie Honig, hyperlinks added by CB] Dear Chancellor Wise, (and Members of the Board of Trustees, and the UIUC community of faculty, staff, and students), I wrote to you when I heard about the Steven Salaita case a couple of weeks ago and hoped you would reconsider. As I told you then, I am Jewish and was raised as a Zionist, and I was moved by the case. I write now in the hope that you might find some measure of empathy for this man. Please bear with me for 2 pages…. I do not know Prof. Salaita, but I must say that as I read about the case I was struck by what I can only describe as a certain smug and uncivil tone in his critics, who seemed very assured about what sort of speech is within the bounds of propriety, and what is not. To be clear: I do not grant that speech that lacks propriety justifies the treatment Prof Salaita has received. I leave that point aside since others -- John Stuart Mill, Brian Leiter, others – have ably addressed it. I want to draw your attention to the issue of “empathy.” This is what I thought at the time this story first broke: Here is a man of Palestinian descent watching people he may know, perhaps friends, colleagues, or relatives, bombed to bits while a seemingly uncaring or powerless world watched. He was touched by violence and responded in a way that showed it. In one of the tweets that was most objected to (Netanyahu, necklace, children's teeth), Salaita commented on a public figure who is fair game and who was promoting acts of terrible violence against a mostly civilian population. I found that tweet painful and painfully funny. It struck home with me, a Jew raised as a Zionist. Too many of us are too committed to being uncritical of Israel. Perhaps tweets like Prof. Salaita’s, along with images of violence from Gaza and our innate sense of fair play, could wake us from our uncritical slumbers. It certainly provoked ME, and I say “provoked” in the best way – awakened to thinking. That is what I thought. I also, though, felt something. I felt that whoever wrote that tweet was tweeting his own pain. And I felt there was something very amiss when he was chided for his tone, by people who were safely distant from all of it, while he was watching people he maybe knew or felt connected to die as a result of military aggression. This, frankly, seemed evil. And then to have the major charge against him in the UIUC case be that he lacked empathy: now that seemed cruelly ironic. The real charge, it seems to me, is that he suffers from too much empathy. What kind of a person would Prof Salaita be if he did not respond more or less as he did!? What kind of a teacher? What kind of community member? Meantime, even under duress, he is careful about a key thing: His published tweets distinguish Zionism from Jews and others. In the one tweet about anti-Semitism, he puts that term in scare quotes. I don't know if I would be as nuanced were I in the same situation. Certainly many of my Zionist or Netanyahu-supporting friends and relatives are not: they do not take the trouble to make the analogous distinctions in their commentaries on the situation. Anyone involved in this case who is incapable of empathy for Salaita at the moment could themselves perhaps learn something about empathy from the very person who has been charged with lacking it. May I ask you: Surely you are not incapable of empathy for his plight, both now (stranded between institutions) and in July (watching from afar as people to whom he presumably feels connected die or are wounded)? May I add, further, that, as befits the picture I have here painted, there is no actual evidence in the teaching record that Prof Salaita lacks the empathy and tolerance expected of teachers in the classroom. The repeatedly stated 'concern' that he is lacking in this way is not only unpersuasive. It is also painful because it may well stick: based on nothing but ignorant or self-serving fears, it may well have a lasting impact on a blameless person's career and fortunes. Can you not find a way to resolve the situation to the advantage of both UIUC AND Prof. Salaita? Decisions like this one are the sort that haunt the people who make them for years to come, so I hope you will indeed be able to open your heart in your consideration of the matter. It is not too late. At the very least I urge you and UIUC to stop charging Prof. Salaita with being wanting in vague and either irrelevant or personal ways. That just adds insult and injury to injury. Another irony there: your stated position is that words matter, so much so that other commitments must fall before them. So the responsibility to choose them carefully seems to me to land especially heavily on you and your institution. I do not see you rising to that challenge. This too, I want to suggest, should be hard to live with. In the meantime, I stand in solidarity with the thousands of academics worldwide who, regrettably, cannot accept invitations henceforth to speak at UIUC or to do any other sort of support work (tenure or promotion letters etc) for your institution. I say regrettably because I have been happy to visit in the past, as a keynote speaker and lecturer. I hope you can understand my position. Simply put, to act in any other way would be wrong. Thank you for your consideration. Bonnie Honig, Nancy Duke Lewis Professor, Brown University, Providence, RI

“In 1994-95 Hannibal’s march on Rome was recreated, though using buses rather then elephants…”

August 17th, 2014
Josephine, over at the LRB blog.

One Hundred Things Norman Geras and I Corresponded About Over the Last Decade

October 18th, 2013
Country music (including but not limited to Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Allison Krauss, and its relationship to suicide) -- Marxism -- The war in Iraq -- The case the British government made for the war in Iraq -- Media coverage of the war in Iraq -- Differences between British and American media coverage of the war in Iraq -- Dead socialists (including the question of whether or not Paul Sweezy was in fact dead: he wasn’t when we began corresponding on the question, but later he was) -- Favourite novels -- University admissions -- Boycotts of Israelis -- Blog technology issues -- The paradox of democracy -- Paul “The Thinker” Richards -- Defamation law -- French headscarves laws -- International rugby partisanship -- New Zealand and whether it is a dull country -- Amnesty International -- Italian anti-war demonstrations -- Christopher Hitchens -- The precise distance from Boulder, CO to Birmingham, AL -- My Normblog Profile -- The number of Red Sox supporters who have Normblog profiles -- Where the Wild Things Are -- Bob Dylan -- Favourite films -- A Mighty Wind -- Nashville -- Joan Baez -- George W. Bush -- The Hutton Inquiry -- Lucio Colletti -- Why the film Life is Beautiful is so terrible -- The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- Mobile telephones -- Cricket -- The various ways in which my students used to pronounce the name “Geras” -- Rock stars -- Exam marking -- Arnold Lobel and his Mouse Tales -- The Butler report -- The Campo de' Fiori in Rome -- Shakespeare plays -- Obnoxious right-wing writers (including Mark Steyn and Andrew Bolt) -- American airport security checks -- Terrorist threats -- Socialist Register -- The 2004 US Presidential election -- Baseball -- Visiting Oxford -- Thomas Hobbes -- Roman libraries -- Classical composers (especially Schubert) -- Jokes about rational choice theorists -- The Tour de France -- Etienne Balibar -- Favourite actors -- The excellence of kittens (and, more generally, cats) -- American street names -- Wendy Cope -- Footnotes in Capital -- Umpiring -- Passport applications -- Margaret Thatcher’s resignation -- Margaret Thatcher's poetry --  Jews for Justice for Palestinians -- Chavez and anti-Semitism -- Academic plagiarism -- David Aaronovitch as marathon runner -- x-RCP front organisations -- Robert Wokler -- Academic jobs -- Musicals -- Australia -- The rubbish-collection regime in Oxford -- Tony Judt -- Whether or not the Euston Manifesto was part of a “common, hysterical defense of the Anglo-Dutch financial system, and their permanent right to loot the economies of the world” -- American practices of memorialization on campus -- Flooding in Oxford -- The Beatles -- Jerry Cohen’s valedictory lecture -- The New Left Review -- Loyalty oaths -- A Dance to the Music of Time -- Merton College, Oxford -- Visiting Manchester -- Critical opinions about America -- Puzzles involving marbles -- Traffic robots -- The Beach Boys -- Tony Blair’s relationship with God -- Bernard-Henri Levy looking funny in photographs -- Authorisations to use military force -- John Stuart Mill on international intervention -- The Eurovision Song Contest  -- Adam Smith -- Nick Cohen's views about torture -- Alfred Hitchcock films -- The thorny question of whether seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was on drugs -- The problems of travelling between Oxford and Cambridge. Biggest regret? In July 2004, Norm wrote, "Might you have an interest in watching a Test or some part of one with me?", and I never took him up on the suggestion. His final words of the correspondence, from the start of this month: "My own care from the NHS has been exemplary."

The Internet Hasn’t Yet Made Up Its Mind Where It Was, Exactly

May 2nd, 2011

The Webbs on the Show Trials

February 23rd, 2011
In honour of Anthony Giddens' fine essay from the New Statesman in 2006 on "The Colonel and his Third Way", I repost my favourite passage from the second edition of the Webbs' Soviet Communism: A New Civilisation -- the edition for which, famously, the question-mark was removed from the book's original title:
"To many people in Great Britain, the outstanding feature of the record since 1934 is the series of trials of highly-placed Soviet citizens for high treason. That so many men in high official positions, mostly active participants in the revolution of 1917 and some of them companions of Lenin, should have committed such crimes has seemed to Western observers almost incredible. That in the course of the customary private investigations prior to the judicial trials the defendants should one and all have made full and detailed confessions unreservedly repeated in open court of the guilt not only of themselves but also of their fellow criminals seemed to raise the tragic story to the fantastic madness of a nightmare; it seemed that the confessions must have been forced on the prisoners by torture or the threat of torture. "A distinguished Irishman hints that what needs explanation is the British procedure in criminal prosecutions, which differs so remarkably from that of all the other nations of Europe. In his view, the conduct of the prisoners in these Russian trials is in full accord with the Russian character. In England, our friend remarks, a prisoner indicted for treason is practically forced to go through a legal routine of defence. He pleads not guilty; his counsel assumes for him an attitude of injured innocence, demanding legitimate proof of every statement and setting up a hypothesis as to what actually happened which is consistent with the prisoner's innocence. The judge compliments the counsel on the brilliant ability with which he has conducted his case. He points out to the jury that the hypothesis is manifestly fictitious and the prisoner obviously guilty. The jury finds the necessary verdict. The judge then, congratulating the prisoner on having been so ably defended and fairly tried, sentences him to death and commends him to the mercy of his God. "May not this procedure, which seems so natural and inevitable to us, very intelligibly strike a Russian as a farce tolerated because our rules of evidence and forms of trial have never been systematically revised on rational lines? Why should a conspirator who is caught out by the Government, and who knows that he is caught out and that no denials or hypothetical fairy tales will help him to escape - why should he degrade himself uselessly by a mock defence, instead of at once facing the facts and discussing his part in them quite candidly with his captors? There is a possibility of moving them by such a friendly course: in a mock defence there is none. Our candid friend submits that the Russian prisoners simply behave naturally and sensibly, as Englishmen would were they not virtually compelled not to by their highly artificial legal system. What possible good could it do them to behave otherwise? Why should they waste the time of the court and disgrace themselves by prevaricating like pickpockets merely to employ the barristers? Our friend suggests that some of us are so obsessed with our national routine that the candour of the Russian conspirators seems grotesque and insane. Which of the two courses, viewed by an impartial visitor from Mars, would appear the saner? "Nevertheless the staging of the successive trials, and the summary executions in which they ended appeared strangely inconsistent with the other actions of the Soviet Government. It must have been foreseen that this whole series of trials, the numerous shootings to which they led, the publicity and popular absue of the defendants which the Government apparently organised and encouraged, and especially the malignity with which Leon Trotsky, safe in far-off Mexico, was assailed, would produce a set-back in the international appreciation which the Soviet Union was increasingly receiving. The Soviet Government must have had strong grounds for the action, which has involved such unwelcome consequences."
Source: Soviet Communism - A New Civilisation by Sidney and Beatrice Webb (Victor Gollancz, 1937), Postscript to the second edition.

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March 28th, 2008

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Order Seroquel Online No Prescription

January 13th, 2008

Order Seroquel online no prescription, From my Balliol colleague Adam Roberts' valedictory lecture, on retiring from the Montague Burton chair in International Relations at Oxford (and reproduced in this week's Oxford Magazine):

Montague Burton (1885-1952), the great pioneer of mass production tailoring and the benefactor of the chair, was an incurable believer in modernity. Ordering Seroquel online, In his extensive travels, his notes on which he published privately in two volumes entitled Global Girdling, buy Seroquel no prescription, Buy cheap Seroquel no rx, he demonstrated a love of the modern and, with only a few exceptions, Seroquel gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Online buying Seroquel hcl, a dislike of antiquity. Visiting the Middle East in the 1930s, rx free Seroquel, Buy generic Seroquel, he hated the Pyramids and the Wailing Wall. By contrast he loved the railway on which one could glide from Cairo to Tel Aviv and thence to Jerusalem - a symbol of modernity to him that now seems to us to belong to an era long gone, buy Seroquel without a prescription. Where to buy Seroquel, He praise the Jerusalem Electricity Works - and he had no higher terms of praise than this - as 'reminiscent of Bourneville and Port Sunlight. He was a passionate believer in the League of Nations: 6,000 of the employees at his Leeds factory belonged to the Montague Burton Branch of the League of Nations Union, order Seroquel online no prescription. His progressivism itself looks charmingly antique - as does his belief that if you put all men in suits you would deliver a body blow to the class system, buy Seroquel from canada. Australia, uk, us, usa, Indeed, he developed ingenious schemes whereby customers could buy not just the suit but all that goes with it - the shirt, fast shipping Seroquel, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the tie, even socks and shows, buying Seroquel online over the counter. Kjøpe Seroquel på nett, köpa Seroquel online, This is almost certainly the origin of the phrase 'The Full Monty'. I was tempted to entitle this lecture 'The Full Monty', comprar en línea Seroquel, comprar Seroquel baratos, Seroquel trusted pharmacy reviews, but I don't believe in encouraging false expectations, especially as by a perverse irony, purchase Seroquel online, Order Seroquel online c.o.d, thanks to Peter Cattaneo's memorable 1997 film, The Full Monty now means the exact opposite of what it did originally.
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Order Sulfasalazine Online No Prescription

December 12th, 2007

Dan Hardie Order Sulfasalazine online no prescription, writes:

David Miliband is the Minister responsible for Government policy towards its Iraqi ex-employees, including those in fear of their lives. Sulfasalazine samples, In a recent webchat on the Number 10website, Mr Miliband was asked the following question by Justin McKeating:

'I would like to ask the Foreign Secretary why the assistance being offered to locally employed staff in Iraq, rx free Sulfasalazine, Buy cheap Sulfasalazine, who are being threatened with reprisals - including torture and death - from local militias, is being rationed according to length of service, australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase Sulfasalazine online, Isn't it perfectly possible for an Iraqi employee who has only been employed for five months to face the same dangers as a colleague who has been employed for twelve months or longer?'...

[Read the Foreign Secretary's reply, and more, order Sulfasalazine no prescription, Comprar en línea Sulfasalazine, comprar Sulfasalazine baratos, over the fold.]

To which he replied:

'The scheme is open to all existing staff whatever their length of service. For previous staff who no longer work for us, Sulfasalazine price, coupon, Online buy Sulfasalazine without a prescription, there is a 12 month criteria. I think this gets the balance right, order Sulfasalazine online c.o.d. The fortitude of civilian staff alongside military forces has been amazing on the part both of British staff and locally employed staff, order Sulfasalazine online no prescription. Where to buy Sulfasalazine, The new scheme tries to recognise this.'

Just how good a job of recognising it is noted in The Times today.

There are a great many methods which our Government, buy no prescription Sulfasalazine online, Fast shipping Sulfasalazine, acting in our name, is using to keep out Iraqi ex-employees at risk of being murdered for having trusted this country, purchase Sulfasalazine. Sulfasalazine for sale, Officials have rejected 125 out of 200 applications for help so far, and one of the grounds that they are citing is absenteeism, real brand Sulfasalazine online. Buy Sulfasalazine online cod, One of the skivers, an ex-interpreter named Safa, ordering Sulfasalazine online, Sulfasalazine trusted pharmacy reviews, says that he served UK Forces for two and a half years and was unable to come to work when militiamen began observing the British bases, targeting those working for the Army, order Sulfasalazine from United States pharmacy. Order Sulfasalazine online no prescription, Of course applications cannot be accepted simply at face value: but Safa has no right of appeal. Sulfasalazine from canadian pharmacy, His case could quite easily be verified by ringing round the Army officers with whom he says he served, and checking his story, buying Sulfasalazine online over the counter. Buy Sulfasalazine without a prescription, There is no indication that the Government has done this, and now his case is in the bin, Sulfasalazine over the counter. Sulfasalazine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I can tell you about another of the bureaucratic obstacles being put in the way of at-risk former Employees. I've been forwarded a copy of the standard reply sent to all ex-employees asking for help, where can i buy cheapest Sulfasalazine online. I'll reproduce it in full later, order Sulfasalazine online no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, It says, among other things, where can i order Sulfasalazine without prescription, Order Sulfasalazine online c.o.d, that ex-Employees applying for asylum may have to wait until 2009. This is disgraceful: people are being hunted in Basra now, Sulfasalazine price, coupon. Where to buy Sulfasalazine, And the other bureaucratic obstacles are the ones we warned about when David Miliband made the October 9th Statement: ex-employees must prove that they worked 12 months continuously after the 1st January 2005, excluding those who were identified as murder targets during the course of the Sadrist uprising in 2004 or who worked for the duration of a Battalion's six-month tour and became known as 'collaborators' in that time, Sulfasalazine for sale. Buy cheap Sulfasalazine, This comes down to one simple principle: the Iraqis whom our Government should help first are those who are at risk of being murdered for having worked for the British. Order Sulfasalazine online no prescription, It is still not too late for the Government to implement this principle. It is administratively possible, order Sulfasalazine from United States pharmacy. Buying Sulfasalazine online over the counter, It is morally imperative.

And from the Government's viewpoint, buy no prescription Sulfasalazine online, Buy Sulfasalazine from canada, it is now politically advisable: a continued policy of literally niggling people to death, putting bureaucratic obstacles in the way of men and women in fear of their lives for having worked for British troops, Sulfasalazine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy Sulfasalazine online cod, will attract nothing but contempt, from the press and the public, purchase Sulfasalazine online. Buy Sulfasalazine no prescription, Once more, then: write to your MP, online buy Sulfasalazine without a prescription. His or her address is The House of Commons, Westminster, London, order Sulfasalazine online no prescription. Where can i buy Sulfasalazine online, SW1A 0AA. You can look your MP up here, rx free Sulfasalazine. Sulfasalazine trusted pharmacy reviews, Make the points above, courteously: an insulted MP will do nothing for threatened Iraqis. Ask your MP if he or she will sign Early Day Motion 401, which raises these concerns, and if he or she will write to David Miliband asking for an explanation. You can also give them my email address and tell them that I am in touch with a number of Iraqis in Basra and Damascus, and will be happy to come to Westminster to give them a concise briefing, as I already have for a number of MPs.

Only pressure got this Government to announce a partial, grudging change of policy. Only pressure will stop this Government from finding bureaucratic excuses to abandon its moral obligations and leave its former Employees to the death squads.

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Order Selegiline Online No Prescription

November 26th, 2007

Dan Hardie writes Order Selegiline online no prescription, : I've had emails from three people who claim to be - and who almost certainly are- Iraqi former employees of the British Government. All three say that they and their former colleagues are still at risk of death for their 'collaboration'. Purchase Selegiline, We'll call the first man Employee One. He worked for the British for three years: 'I started in the beginning of the war with Commandos (in 30 of March 2003) then continued with 23 Pioneer Regt, and in 08 / 07 / 2003 I have joined the Labour Support Unit (LSU)', buy no prescription Selegiline online. His British friends knew him as Chris. The British Government has announced that he can apply for help if he can transport himself to the British base outside Basra, or to the Embassies in Syria or Jordan, order Selegiline online no prescription. Kjøpe Selegiline på nett, köpa Selegiline online, It doesn't seem to occur to anyone that there might be problems with this. I can email and telephone this man: so can any Foreign Office official. It should not be impossible to verify his story and then send him the funds he needs to get to a less unsafe Arab country, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. But that is not happening. Order Selegiline online no prescription, Go over the fold for Dan's email exchange with Employee One, details of two more cases, and information about what you -- what we -- can be doing about this. Buy Selegiline without a prescription, Here's an email exchange we had the other day. My questions are in italics.

1) Are you still in Iraq, Selegiline trusted pharmacy reviews.

'Yes, Where can i buy Selegiline online, I'm still hidden in somewhere in the hell of Basra.'

2) Is there any reason you cannot travel to the British Army base at Basra Airbase to ask for asylum.

'Of course, we cannot travel to BIA (Basra International Airbase) due to the militia keep watched all the ways to BIA and they got their own fake check points there although, we claimed for asylum through the internet (we sent our application to the claim office at BIA), order Selegiline online no prescription. But we afraid that the British are going to take a long time to process our claims also we are very worried if they will offer just some money instead of asylum, please sir inform all the British people that we looking for asylum and just the asylum will save our lives, where to buy Selegiline, also we can't travel to Syria anymore to claim for asylum there as the Syrian government issued new conditions for Iraqis who want to travel to their country.'

3) Can you tell me how and when the militias threatened you. Selegiline samples,
'In 2006 I have threatened by militia that hated me because I work and help coalition forces in Iraq, I told my bosses about that but they said we can't do anything for you because we have nothing to do with civilian and we don't have any army rules or orders to help you, then I continued my daily work with British army, real brand Selegiline online, few days later the militia attacked my house trying to catch me but I was at the work at that time, Online buy Selegiline without a prescription, they beaten my family and told them: we want your son or we will kill all of you!!!.

'Since that day I decided to leave my job and change my home place but until this moment the militia trying to find and kill me, I'm always changing my place trying to hidden from them, kjøpe Selegiline på nett, köpa Selegiline online, they know that I left my job but they don't care, Order Selegiline online c.o.d, they just want to kill me they called me collaborator and traitor and they asked everybody know me about my place, they told them: anyone know anything about (name) he should tell us immediately and also they said: we will never give up until we catch (name). They work for ministry of interior so they controlled most of government departments and they work under that cover.'

4) Do you have any family members who are also threatened by militias or who depend on you, buy Selegiline without prescription. Order Selegiline online no prescription, If so, how many of them are there and how old are they.

'Of course, Order Selegiline no prescription, my family depends on me especially in the finance side as I'm the older son between seven sons and daughters they got, on other hand my parents cannot working as they are very old.'

Employee Two is in Syria, and is applying for aid from the British Embassy in Damascus, australia, uk, us, usa. He can prove that he has worked for the British for over 12 months, Selegiline from canadian pharmacy, after the magic date of 1st January 2005. But he still isn't safe.

He is staying illegally in Syria, online buying Selegiline hcl, having considerably over-run the 15-day visa on which he entered the country. He's been obliged to get forms for asylum or resettlement aid from the Syrian Government security men who guard the British Embassy, order Selegiline online no prescription. Buy Selegiline online no prescription, He tells me 'If I see any syrian officer i really get fear , becuase of my expired visa.' The British Government, which asked us to accept that it was invading Iraq in part because of its horror at the brutality of the Ba'athist dictatorship, buy Selegiline online cod, is now perfectly happy to leave its own former employees to the mercies of Syrian Ba'athists. Purchase Selegiline, Colleagues of this man are also hiding in Damascus and are even worse off than he is, because they don't meet the perverse and arbitrary time stipulations. He writes: 'I know 4 former interpreters worked less than a year (for the British: DH), buy Selegiline from canada, but they went to the embassy and they filled the paper with out telling the guards we had worked for less than a year. Buy no prescription Selegiline online, The syrian guards have got instructions from the embassy (British Embassy in Damascus: DH), that (they) do not give that form to any interpreter who worked for British less than a year or any former interpreter who worked in 2003 and fled to syria before 2005.'

Employee Three sent me copies of his Army ID card and photos of him with smiling Scottish soldiers. Order Selegiline online no prescription, He worked for the Army in 2003, who then recommended that he work for Erinys- a private security firm which the British Government hired to form an Oil Protection Force. Both when working for the Army and when working for the British Government's proxies, where can i find Selegiline online, he was identified as a target by the militias. Fast shipping Selegiline, The British Government made him a death squad target.

That same British Government will not be giving him any kind of assistance; not even a small cash handout to help him live elsewhere in the Middle East. It has announced that it will not help any Iraqi whose direct employment ended before the 1st January 2005: that Johnson Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross for acts of courage in May and June 2004, Selegiline gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, when the Mahdi Army attacked the British and were fought off with many hundreds of casualties.

You've heard this before, but it's now more important than ever, order Selegiline online no prescription. Buy Selegiline without a prescription, The last lot of letters and emails got the Government to announce a change in policy: an inadequate change,badly implemented. The next lot of letters and emails will force the Government to announce another change in policy, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, one that will be properly implemented and will not be based on leaving people to die. Selegiline price, coupon, Your MP's address is The House of Commons, Westminster, London, where can i order Selegiline without prescription, SW1A 0AA. Buy cheap Selegiline no rx, His or her email address is probably (e.g. Order Selegiline online no prescription, .

Please use the talking points below to send an email and a print letter to your MP, and chase them for an answer, ordering Selegiline online. And be courteous: an insulted MP will not raise this matter with Ministers, Comprar en línea Selegiline, comprar Selegiline baratos, and that will lead to more avoidable deaths. When you get an answer, email me at and let me know what they said, where can i buy Selegiline online.

I agree that it seems egocentric for me to ask you to put your MP in touch with me: but what alternatives do we have. I am in direct contact with Iraqi employees pleading with me to do something to help them, order Selegiline online no prescription. Order Selegiline from mexican pharmacy, I cannot help them. Members of Parliament- including David Miliband- need to read what these Iraqis are saying.

Talking points:

  • On October 9th David Miliband announced that the British Government would assist former employees in Iraq, purchase Selegiline online, so long as they had worked for it after 1st January 2005 and for 12 months or more. Canada, mexico, india, That abandons several hundred Iraqis who have been targetd for murder because they worked for the British before that date--and in 2004 fighting between the Mahdi Army and the British was at its peak--or because they worked for less than that period, often leaving their jobs at the end of a British battalion's six-month tour. Order Selegiline online no prescription, The British Government must help Iraqi employees on the basis of the risk they face, not according to an arbitrary time stipulation. This only affects a few hundred Iraqis, buy generic Selegiline, whom we are well able to shelter, Buy Selegiline no prescription, and for whom we have a direct moral responsibility.

  • Even those Iraqi employees who qualify for assistance are not being properly assisted. Iraqis in Basra are not able to apply via the British Army in Basra Interational Airbase, since it is ringed with militia checkpoints, where to buy Selegiline. Iraqi ex-employees in Damascus are being screened by Syrian policemen guarding the British Embassy and delayed by lengthy bureaucratic procedures when they apply for asylum, Rx free Selegiline, although many of them are illegally overstaying their Syrian visas and face deportation back to Iraq.

  • A blogger called Dan Hardie is directly in touch with a number of Iraqi employees via email and phone. He is willilng to brief MPs- as concisely as possible- either over the phone or via email. He can be reached at

Footnote re authenticity: The ISPs confirm that one email was definitely sent from Damascus, the others from satellite networks serving the Middle East including Iraq, order Selegiline online no prescription. I have spoken to two of them on the phone, buying Selegiline online over the counter, using Iraqi telephone numbers. Purchase Selegiline online no prescription, (Many thanks to Alex Harrowell and Surreptitious Evil for their work on this.) A Times journalist in the region tells me that 'Employee Two' and 'Employee Three' are certainly authentic: she has been in contact with them herself. The other has sent me scanned copies of his British Army IDs, and photographs of him with smiling soldiers, order Selegiline from United States pharmacy, as well as a lengthy reference from Erinys. Selegiline for sale, He either is who he says he is, or has stolen the documents of the man he is claiming to be: and given that he names soldiers who know him, and will have to turn up in person and be photographed to claim asylum at a British Embassy, he would have no chance of perpetrating a successful fraud.

Footnote re the wider refugee crisis: Conceivably the Sunni-Shi'ite violence in the American-occupied areas of Iraq is diminishing: this story, quoting Iraqi Government sources, argues that it is, though the Iraqi Government has a vested interest in claiming an improvement. In response, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees argues that there has been no improvement. But even if the UNHCR is wrong, the Iraqi Government is right and things have got better for refugees from Baghdad and neighbouring areas that is, sadly, irrelevant to Britain's employees in the South of the country. What's still the case is that Basra is now effectively under the control of various Shi'ite groups who have varying amounts of loathing for the British and their Iraqi employees, and that one of the most powerful is the Mahdi Army, who fought several outright battles against British troops and have a long track record of killing 'Locally Employed Civilians'.

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Order Diges Tea Online No Prescription

November 5th, 2007

Traffic has recently gone through the roof at the ironically-named Socialist Unity Blog Order Diges Tea online no prescription, , as Andy Newman has been giving us all invaluable blow-by-blow coverage of the split in the Respect coalition [now here and here]. Where can i order Diges Tea without prescription, And having built up a huge readership for the blog, it can finally turn its attention to the issues that matter -- so Tawfiq Chahboune has been brooding on the issue that bugged me here and here, rx free Diges Tea, Real brand Diges Tea online, concerning Martin Amis, camels and wheels, purchase Diges Tea. Online buy Diges Tea without a prescription, Continue over the fold for the relevant portion, or visit the original over here, order Diges Tea from United States pharmacy. Diges Tea samples,

Amis the historian of ideas: “The stout self-sufficiency or, if you prefer, Diges Tea gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy Diges Tea without a prescription, the extreme incuriosity of Islamic culture has been much remarked. Present-day Spain translates as many books into Spanish, buy Diges Tea without prescription, Order Diges Tea no prescription, annually, as the Arab world has translated into Arabic in the past 1, purchase Diges Tea online no prescription, Canada, mexico, india, 100 years. And the late-medieval Islamic powers barely noticed the existence of the West until it started losing battles to it, order Diges Tea online no prescription. The tradition of intellectual autarky was so robust that Islam remained indifferent even to readily available and obviously useful innovations, comprar en línea Diges Tea, comprar Diges Tea baratos, Order Diges Tea online overnight delivery no prescription, including, incredibly, buy Diges Tea from mexico, Fast shipping Diges Tea, the wheel. The wheel, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Diges Tea for sale, as we know, makes things easier to roll; Bernard Lewis, buy cheap Diges Tea no rx, Diges Tea from canadian pharmacy, in What Went Wrong?, sagely notes that it also makes things easier to steal.” Amis, Diges Tea trusted pharmacy reviews, Ordering Diges Tea online, obviously, means the “extreme incuriosity of Islamic culture” as represented by the totalitarian regimes of today, buy Diges Tea no prescription, Purchase Diges Tea online, not the glorious and curious cultures of yesteryear. This is no mere pedantry on my part; this is taking history seriously, order Diges Tea online c.o.d. Australia, uk, us, usa, The use of the wheel did indeed decline – but in pre-Islamic Arabia, not, where to buy Diges Tea, Buy Diges Tea from canada, as Amis insinuates, after Islam’s triumph of the peninsula.I have recently corresponded with Professor Richard W, where to buy Diges Tea. Order Diges Tea online no prescription, Bulliet, the world’s pre-eminent scholar in this field (author of the groundbreaking “The Wheel and the Camel”). Online buying Diges Tea hcl, He affirms that “wheels disappeared in the first half of the common era before the rise of Islam” and that preference of the camel over the wheel was simply due to the “intrinsic economy of raising immensely strong animals on low quality desert grazing” and that “camel caravans had the advantage of not requiring much in the way of road upkeep.” That is to say, it was a question of economics, buy no prescription Diges Tea online. Buy Diges Tea online no prescription, Bulliet replies that Amis’s argument is “silly” and that “it should be easy to show that Islam has nothing do with any of this. Muslims used wheeled vehicles in Central Asia, order Diges Tea online c.o.d, Buy no prescription Diges Tea online, India, and China; and the Muslim ladies of Istanbul commonly went on picnics outside of town in parties carried by covered wagons drawn by usually four oxen, order Diges Tea from United States pharmacy. Where can i buy Diges Tea online, This, of course, ordering Diges Tea online, Online buy Diges Tea without a prescription, was a matter of comfort, not of economic efficiency, buy Diges Tea without prescription. In temperate climes where cheap camel labour was not so readily available, wheeled vehicles did not disappear.”

Moreover, Bulliet writes: “If Amis had wanted to explore intellectual blinders in this arena, he might instead have noticed that everywhere in the world for the two millennia that preceded the nineteenth century, the two-wheeled vehicles were so much preferred over four-wheeled vehicles that the latter were practically non-existent, order Diges Tea online no prescription. Purchase Diges Tea online no prescription, . , where to buy Diges Tea. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, except in Europe. Europeans have used four-wheeled vehicles for some 5000 years despite obvious and severe inefficiencies in friction, Diges Tea over the counter, Order Diges Tea online overnight delivery no prescription, harnessing, steering, braking, and road requirements. ‘The tradition of intellectual autarky was so robust’ in Europe, I guess, that they failed to notice that everyone outside of Europe realized that four-wheeled transport really sucked before about 1500.” Bulliet ends with the inspiring, “Good luck on rapping Amis-Lewis knuckles. Their sort of foolishness is so widespread these days that it’s an uphill battle.” Well, I hope I haven’t done too badly, Professor Bulliet. You’ve certainly kicked Amis’s teeth in - or what’s famously left of them.


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October 13th, 2007

There's a helpful round-up of the recent Martin Amis kerfuffle over at Matt Order Galvus online no prescription, 's place.

All I'll add is that we need to see the remarks about his urges to stripsearch people who look as if they might be from Pakistan (etc.) in a slightly wider context, buy Galvus online cod. Galvus price, coupon, Amis is also someone who thinks he can discern murderous intentions towards his family in the glance of an Arab doing his job, who can write things like "the impulse towards rational inquiry is by now very weak in the rank and file of the Muslim male", ordering Galvus online, Buy cheap Galvus no rx, who seems to absorb Bernard Lewis-like explanations of historical problems when non-crazy explanations are readily available, who recycles inflammatory quotations from Hezbollah's leader that circulate freely around the internet, where can i order Galvus without prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but which no-one ever quite manages to trace back to an authentic-looking source, and so on, where can i find Galvus online. Real brand Galvus online, (This last one strikes me as weird, because presumably it's not too hard to find Hezbollah leaders saying offensive things, order Galvus from United States pharmacy, Buy no prescription Galvus online, so why is the very-possibly-made-up quote the one that everyone's heard somewhere or other?)

We can practice our careful reading skills as much as we like on that particular "urges" passage, and we can be as charitable towards him as we want to be (though we should also bear in mind that there's a long history of people with really offensive views managing to present them in ways that aren't quite so offensive on a charitable reading of their words), comprar en línea Galvus, comprar Galvus baratos. Australia, uk, us, usa, But Amis also has form here when it comes to saying the kinds of things about Muslims that the real crazies also like to say, and it'd be a shame to lose sight of that fact in the parsing of his words from the interview, buy Galvus without a prescription. Order Galvus online overnight delivery no prescription, I'm not sure enough about what I really think is going on in Amis's head (and I'm not interested enough in either him or his books to spend too much time on trying to work it out), but he seems to me to be somewhere on the slippery slope that has Mark Steyn and Melanie Phillips festering at the bottom, Galvus for sale, Where can i buy Galvus online, and it doesn't look to me as if he's too anxious to be stepping off it any time soon. (But perhaps I'm being uncharitable.), buy Galvus no prescription. Galvus from canadian pharmacy. Fast shipping Galvus. Galvus over the counter. Where to buy Galvus. Where can i buy cheapest Galvus online. Where to buy Galvus. Order Galvus online c.o.d. Buy generic Galvus. Buy Galvus from mexico. Purchase Galvus. Purchase Galvus online no prescription. Galvus gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Galvus no prescription. Purchase Galvus online. Buying Galvus online over the counter. Online buying Galvus hcl. Online buy Galvus without a prescription. Buy cheap Galvus. Buy Galvus online no prescription. Buy Galvus without prescription. Rx free Galvus. Galvus trusted pharmacy reviews. Order Galvus from mexican pharmacy. Kjøpe Galvus på nett, köpa Galvus online. Galvus samples. Canada, mexico, india. Buy Galvus from canada. Kjøpe Galvus på nett, köpa Galvus online.

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October 13th, 2007

Order Avandamet online no prescription, This made me laugh, from tehgraun:

"Blair was really astonished and angry," says the UN official who gave him a presentation on the devastating effects of Israel's "security barrier", settlements, checkpoints, and closures on the lives of Palestinians in the occupied territories. "He asked very smart questions, buy Avandamet without prescription, Buy generic Avandamet, though I did think that someone who was prime minister for so long should already have known these facts."
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