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Blast from the Past

May 19th, 2010

It’s good to read in tehgraun that “some of Italy’s most senior police officers have been given jail sentences of up to five years for what the prosecution called a “terrible” attack on demonstrators at the 2001 G8 meeting in Genoa and an attempted cover-up”, though sad also to read that, as with so many criminal trials with political ramifications in Italy, statutes of limitations mean that jail sentences are unlikely to be served.

Someone who may very well be unhappy with these verdicts is Tony Blair. British readers may remember what his spokesman said at the time, when reports of police brutality were beginning to circulate: “The Italian police had a difficult job to do. The prime minister believes that they did that job.”

Over the fold is a bit of eye-witness testimony of the events in question, from my friend Uri Gordon, an Israeli anarchist and G8 protester, which I was privileged enough to be able to publish nine years ago in The Voice of the Turtle:


Ferenc Puskas, RIP

November 17th, 2006

Long before he published his fine book about football in Eastern Europe, Behind the Curtain, Jonathan Wilson was writing for The Voice of the Turtle (currently in hibernation). Here’s his review of Puskas on Puskas: The Life and Times of a Footballing Legend, from 1999.

UPDATE [2.30pm]: I see that Jonathan also supplied something of an obit for tehgraun.

The Tedium is the Message

April 7th, 2005

Now and for the next few weeks, the Voice of the Turtle is playing host to Hal Berstram’s Election Diary Blog. (Hal really only comes alive at election-time.)

The design’s a bit rudimentary at the moment, but HB was keen to get going ASAP, so we’ve hurried to bring his words to the World of Blogs. Go read.

Elections in Zimbabwe

March 30th, 2005

These are taking place shortly. I haven’t really been paying attention this time around, but last time around, we managed to publish a string of articles on the 2002 Presidential elections over at the Voice of the Turtle by our various Zim correspondents, Leo Zeilig, E. Lovemore Moyo (here and here), Patrick Bond and Raj Patel, and a chap who went by the odd name “Zim Admin” for safety’s sake (here and here).

For blogstuff on this lot of elections, there’s Zimbabwean Norm here and here.

UPDATE [31.3.05]: Class Worrier Raj has a bit more.


January 22nd, 2005

After a fairly quiescent 2004, the new year’s started pretty well over at the Voice of the Turtle: this morning I’ve uploaded an essay on racism by Alana Lentin, which is a bit more academic than the stuff we usually print, but is still fine for all that, a piece by Peter Waterman standing up for the horizontals in the wake of the European Social Forum in London, Class Worrier Raj Patel’s report from the World Forum on Agrarian Reform held towards the end of last year in Spain, and a reprint of an essay by Karl Polanyi on “The Essence of Fascism“, all of which join two essays on the aftermath of the Indian ocean tsunami — Malinda Seneviratne, writing from Sri Lanka, and David Martinez on Banda Aceh.

A couple of the pieces still need a slight editorial tweak here and there, but they’re basically ready for consumption. So go and consume.

Not Quite Just Married

April 1st, 2004

It’s February’s news, isn’t it, but I’m pleased to say that we’ve finally posted Jerry Threet’s account of his wedding to his partner Seth at City Hall in San Francisco over at The Voice of the Turtle.

As he concludes: “I am married to Seth through a process sanctioned by an agency of the state of California. Now, just let any person try to tell me I am not. As our President is so fond of saying, ‘Bring it on.’ When you come after my family, you should expect some resistance.’”

The Mao of Pooh

March 5th, 2004

From yesterday’s Guardian:

“The Turtle has long been concerned with the education of our junior comrades,” proclaims the statement on the holding page. “Disappointed with the bourgeois drivel that passes for children’s fiction these days, a Turtle Collective has formed to combat the indoctrination of our youth with a series of heart-warming tales involving a bear, his best friend Christopher Robin, and socialism with Chinese characteristics.” The Voice of the Turtle is a witty, transatlantic online free-for-all of leftwing politics. Equally irreverent and militant, it has recently subverted Benjamin Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh – a subversion of A. A. Milne’s children’s classic – into a Maoist text. What might sound like a children’s book from indoctrination central translates to a witty example of fan fiction and a glorious satire of the children’s book in the spirit of Animal Farm.

Congratulations, Raj, on this smidgeon of recognition from the bourgeois press for your heroic labours on the Text of the Mao of Pooh…(Me, I just do an editing job on Raj’s draft. And add an average of about one joke per instalment.)