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Fénelon Now!

July 18th, 2012
Various Philosophical types in my twitterstream are drawing attention to this story in today's tehgraun about an Italian town that has appointed a municipal Philosopher. What an excellent idea, they say, appointing a municipal Philosopher. And perhaps it is. But when I read the article, my first thought was, my goodness, this is Fénelon's Salentum, isn't it? So what's that about, and why is this interesting (to me, at least)? Corigliano d'Otranto is a dinky little town with six thousand inhabitants, right down in the heel of the Italian boot. As the article points out, it's in a part of Italy called Grecìa Salentina, 'a stronghold of Italy's ethnic Greek minority, which has been there since long before Plato put pen to papyrus'. Historically, that's right, and Greeks have been in that part of the world for a very long time indeed. Mythologically, the story begins with Idomeneus (the subject of Mozart's opera), who fights at Troy, sacrifices his son when he gets back home to Crete, and as a result goes into exile, winding up in this bit of Italy. Now (changing direction for the moment), hardly anyone reads Archbishop Fénelon's book Telemachus these days, written at the close of the seventeenth century, which is a shame, as it's a cracker. I have a particular reason to remember reading it for the first time five years ago, which is that what I thought was the cramp I report in this old blogpost after the strenuous activity of sitting on the sofa all afternoon reading Fénelon turned out to be a rather painful tear in my rotator cuff (and, incidentally, a clear sign that I had passed into middle age). But happily there's a lot more to Fénelon's book than a trivial episode in my medical history, and it's sometimes said--though I don't really know on what evidence--that Telemachus was the most popular book in France in the first half of the eighteenth century, other than the Bible. (Given that it was never intended for publication, that's quite an achievement.) Fénelon was a royal tutor, in charge of the education of Louis XIV's grandson, le petit Dauphin. In the end, he never became king of France, because his father, le grand Dauphin, died in 1711, he himself died in 1712, the Sun King kept on going on the throne for 72 years (!), and, when he finally died in 1715, was succeeded by the infant Louis XV, the king's great-grandson and le petit Dauphin's son. Telemachus was written as part of Fénelon's educational programme for the young prince, and it was important to Fénelon that it not be published, as it contained very sharp criticism of the king's policies. Indeed, the book presented quite detailed and only somewhat veiled instructions for how a new, virtuous king might rescue France from the disastrous legacy of Louis XIV. The manuscript leaked, the book was published, and Fénelon was banished from the court. Telemachus was Odysseus's son (in Ulysses, Stephen Dedalus), and the first few books of The Odyssey describe him setting out from Ithaca in search of his father. What Fénelon did was to imagine how his adventures continued, after Homer's spotlight shifts back onto Odysseus, drawing very heavily on plot devices from Homer and also from Virgil's Aeneid to tell another story of extensive wandering around the Mediterranean. And just as Odysseus and Aeneas have their divine protectors, so Telemachus is accompanied by Mentor, who is in fact the goddess Minerva in disguise, and Mentor ensures that Telemachus receives, along the way, a thoroughgoing education for future kingship. Like Aeneas, Telemachus ends up in Italy. He encounters Idomeneus, who has founded the city of Salentum, and joins in the wars in that part of the world. But Salentum has become corrupt, and while Telemachus is off on campaign, Mentor reorganises Salentum in order to purge it of the luxury 'that poisoned the whole nation', and to enable it to live in peace with its neighbours. And this is the heart of Telemachus. Unreformed Salentum is a thinly disguised version of Louis XIV's France, and Reformed Salentum presents Fénelon's vision of what France might become. Running an economy devoted to the production and consumption of luxury goods made war more likely, Fénelon argued, as those without access to luxury goods were tempted to use violence to acquire them, and it made that war more dangerous, because ‘these superfluities enervate, intoxicate and torment those who possess them’, making them less able to fight. In Mentor's reorganisation, much of the urban population is resettled in the countryside, and the economy is recentered on agricultural production, foreign trade is strictly limited, and the profits of agriculture are used to purchase domestically-manufactured armaments, in order to provide military defence. To a quite remarkable extent, the story of political and economic thought in the eighteenth century in Europe is the story of a series of responses to Fénelon's blueprint for Reformed Salente, and we can't really understand what Bernard Mandeville, Jean-François Melon, Montesquieu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Physiocrats, Adam Smith, and others were doing without taking seriously the challenge that Fénelon threw down. Those who were attracted by his vision often faced the problem of how-to-get-there-from-here, since Fénelon's extensive reorganisation certainly required the exercise of absolute power, but absolutism was not an especially attractive prospect in a world in which virtuous monarchs were in pretty short supply. Those who were not so attracted had to explain where Fénelon went wrong in his diagnosis (hence the rest of the luxury debate). But the eighteenth century understood the centrality of Fénelon to its debates, in a way that often we do not: Benjamin Vaughan wrote in 1788, for example, that 'the seeds of all the sentiments, if not all the doctrines of modern political œconomy' were to be found in Telemachus, and Fénelon remained a key point of reference throughout the controversies of the French Revolution. (Robespierre is supposed to have whispered to his neighbour after one of the speeches in one of the debates in the Convention on the price of grain, 'that man is the Fénelon of the Revolution', and, coming from him, it was meant as a compliment.) Corigliano d'Otranto, then, is pretty much exactly where the fictional Salentum was supposed to stand. Graziella Lupo is the new municipal Philosopher there, embarking on its Reform. Minerva is a tough act to follow. But I'm sure she is up to the task.

Republic of Beavers

February 25th, 2011
Here's Ferdinand, Baron d'Eckstein, addressing the issues that matter:
Mais quelle différence entre les vérités que nous admettons et les dogmes que proclame un industrialisme grossier et trivial, dogmes qui tendent à transformer l'ordre social en une république de castors, de fourmis ou d'abeilles. Méconnaissant la dignité humaine, ce genre d'industrialisme confierait les rènes du gouvernement au seul intérêt privé. C'est lui qui donne pour l'article de foi la maxime suivant, que gagner de l'argent c'est bien mériter de la civilisation, c'est répandre la lumière. C'est dans le sens de cette doctrine que le Constitutionnel immole chaque jour, sur les autels de la classe industrielle, les nobles et les administrateurs. Lancer le moindre sarcasme contre un fabricant, c'est un blasphème! malheur au poète comique, au journaliste ou au député qui se permettrait ce crime contre la seule classe inviolable de toute la société.

-- 'De l'industrialisme', in Le Catholique, vol. 5 (1827), p. 241

Also of interest at the Virtual Stoa is the way that the Baron goes on to call Johann Gottlieb Fichte a Stoic just a few pages later (p. 239) -- but, right now, we're focused on the beavers.

When you start looking for it, the Republic of Beavers is everywhere! Goethe called Venice the "Biberrepublik" in his Italian Journey (27 September 1786), and the identification was picked up by the  Comte Pierre-Antoine-Noël-Bruno Daru in his 1819 Histoire de la république de Venise, vol. 5. There's even an article on 'The Republic of Beavers: An American Utopia' by Arnold L. Kerson  in the 2000 volume of Utopian Studies! Daru says that it was Montesquieu who first called Venice the R of the Bs, but I don't know what the original source is supposed to be. So I now find myself leaning towards the thought that the original for all of this is Voltaire, who in the entry on 'laws' in his Philosophical Dictionary (1764) shrewdly notes that 'The republic of the beavers is still superior to that of the ants, at least if we judge by their masonry work.' [thanks! IN]

Order Viamax Online No Prescription

May 19th, 2010

It's good to read in tehgraun Order Viamax online no prescription, that "some of Italy's most senior police officers have been given jail sentences of up to five years for what the prosecution called a "terrible" attack on demonstrators at the 2001 G8 meeting in Genoa and an attempted cover-up", though sad also to read that, as with so many criminal trials with political ramifications in Italy, statutes of limitations mean that jail sentences are unlikely to be served.

Someone who may very well be unhappy with these verdicts is Tony Blair, buy Viamax online no prescription. Purchase Viamax, British readers may remember what his spokesman said at the time, when reports of police brutality were beginning to circulate: "The Italian police had a difficult job to do, where can i find Viamax online. Canada, mexico, india, The prime minister believes that they did that job."

Over the fold is a bit of eye-witness testimony of the events in question, from my friend Uri Gordon, Viamax for sale, Where can i order Viamax without prescription, an Israeli anarchist and G8 protester, which I was privileged enough to be able to publish nine years ago in The Voice of the Turtle:

Then, Viamax from canadian pharmacy, Purchase Viamax online, on Saturday night, on the pretext of looking for the people who had caused the violence, rx free Viamax, Real brand Viamax online, the police come outside the media centre where I am. This is the headquarters of the mainstream, buy cheap Viamax no rx, Buy Viamax without prescription, non-violent NGO's in the Genoa Social Forum. Certain that they're about to raid the building, I run up to help barricade the top floor, trying to buy time to get rid of sensitive material, order Viamax online no prescription. I get cut off, buy Viamax from canada, Kjøpe Viamax på nett, köpa Viamax online, the barricade has already closed. I climb to the roof, purchase Viamax online no prescription, Viamax trusted pharmacy reviews, and see them entering the school opposite the center. They start smashing people up, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Viamax online cod, screams and shouts all over the place. And then they're in our building, order Viamax online c.o.d. Order Viamax online no prescription, I try to get back down and almost run straight into the hands of the police. Order Viamax no prescription, I turn around and escape back up, I still don't know how they didn't see me, buy no prescription Viamax online. Online buy Viamax without a prescription, The roof is empty now, and I find a niche to hide in, buying Viamax online over the counter, Order Viamax online overnight delivery no prescription, some kind of a store-room that has a window off the roof. The police are now all over the building, buy Viamax without a prescription, Comprar en línea Viamax, comprar Viamax baratos, and I later hear that all the people had to stand with hands against the walls of the halls. Police gathered all journalists, Viamax over the counter, Where to buy Viamax, and then searched the rooms. They confiscated mini discs, digital cameras, and "weapons" -- kitchen and swiss army knives, order Viamax online no prescription.

I spent the longest thirty minutes of my life in that enclave, buy Viamax from mexico, Buy Viamax no prescription, certain that if I were found I'd be killed. I just breathed, where to buy Viamax, Fast shipping Viamax, avoided the helicopter searchlights and waited for it to pass. At the end it was over -- there were activists on the roof and I knew the police had gone, Viamax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Viamax from United States pharmacy, I step out, and see hundreds of police down the street, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy cheap Viamax, and ambulances coming in to clear the carnage at the opposite school. People are screaming "Assassini Order Viamax online no prescription, !" and "We won't forget". They had beaten up everyone to the extent that most of the people could not walk out and had to be carried in stretchers out of the school, order Viamax from mexican pharmacy. Viamax price, coupon, I don't know how many people were badly injured because we lost count of the amount of stretchers carried out of the school, but they brought about thirty ambulances for the injured people, where can i buy Viamax online. Where can i buy cheapest Viamax online, The police also brought at least one body bag outside, maybe two, buy generic Viamax, Ordering Viamax online, and at the time we thought there might be more people dead.

There are, purchase Viamax online, Buy Viamax no prescription, though, still three people in a coma from that attack, rx free Viamax. Everybody was either arrested or taken to hospital, order Viamax online no prescription. According to the testimony of one person who could escape before being arrested, people were lying on the floor saying "No violence" when the police broke into the first floor where he was, and they battered people so badly that one of the officers had to intervene to stop the massacre. When the police are gone I go inside the school -- I've only seen worse in bus-bombings in Israel. There are pools of blood on the floor, windows smashed by people trying to escape in vain, a plank of wood with nails covered with blood lying next to a corner with big patches of blood on the walls.

That night all Israelis decide to leave. Order Viamax online no prescription, I help one of the key organisers write a call for solidarity which goes into email lists around the world, but when I'm done one or two people have left without me. I'm on the first floor now, and someone shouts that the police are raiding again. I throw my bag and sleeping bag out the window, onto a bush, and jump out after them. Jumping over a few fences I make it out, and run like hell to the east. I think I ran for at least half an hour, and made it to a minor station on the coast. There I get on the first train I can find, and end up in Florence. I do some emails, trying to make sure the others are OK, find a youth hostel, take my first shower in a week and get into bed. I didn't fall asleep -- I fell unconscious.


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Order Combigan Online No Prescription

May 13th, 2008

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Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita

May 23rd, 2007
Last Friday afternoon, as it happens, I tried to walk up to the top of Monte Nuvolone above Bellagio on Lake Como. I didn't succeed, partly because I didn't leave myself quite enough time, and partly because at one point I spectacularly missed the path, and it took quite a long time to find it again, much further up the slope. But while wandering through the fairly dark woods looking for the path again - in, significantly, my thirty-fifth year, I realised I was enjoying what can only be called an authentic Dante moment. People tell me I should go off next in search of an authentic Petrarch moment in an attempt on Mont Ventoux, but those who know me better will know that if I ever do go up that mountain it won't be by way of tribute to an Italian poet.

Bandiera Rossa Trionferà

April 11th, 2006
Good news! Also good news here, too.

Berlusconi, Crooner

June 23rd, 2004
Crooked Timber's Henry Farrell has bought himself a copy of Silvio Berlusconi's recent album, and is unimpressed.

Headline of the Week

June 18th, 2004
Totti: den italienske lama.

Tanti auguri a te

January 24th, 2004
Tenth birthday greetings, then, to everyone's least favourite rightist political formation headed by a megalomaniac media-baron, Forza Italia!

Grand Old Man

January 13th, 2004
Norberto Bobbio, the greatest Italian political philosopher of the twentieth century, is dead: the Guardian's obituary by Richard Bellamy is here, the AP obituary is in lots of places, among them here, and as far as I can tell the other papers haven't yet caught up.

Damp Italians

January 1st, 2004
From the BBC:
Four Italians have dived into the River Tiber in Rome from a height of more than 50 feet (17 metres).The event is a New Year tradition dating back to 1946, when a stuntman trying to find work leapt into the water from the Cavour Bridge. Since then, it has caught on as an annual event. "I'm dedicating this to peace in the world and to the hope that these terrorist attacks stop - these attacks that make humanity live in terror," said one diver, Aldo Corrieri... "The height is pretty important, especially if compared to the river depth which is very little," said Mr Corrieri's nephew, 20-year old Riccardo Russi. "Freezing weather and dirt increase the risk, together with the fact that they do not allow us to prepare ourselves, undress properly and warm up.
Final quote from Riccardo Russi: "But this is an important tradition which we try to carry on year after year, especially my uncle who's done it for 32 years. We try not to let this tradition die..."

Silvio Berlusconi…

September 4th, 2003
Prime Minister of Italy and songman. [US Senator Orrin Hatch also, and even more entertainingly, but you already knew that].