Doctors in the House

So last night, on a whim, I started collecting links to doctoral dissertations written by members of the House of Commons, and posting them on the Twitter. With some assistance from the hivemind, I found a dozen then, and eight more this morning [UPDATE: and then another came to light in the evening]. Here they all are, for ease of reference, in alphabetical order, in many cases with more stable links than I managed to post before. (There may be more, of course.)

Roberta Blackman-Woods (Labour, City of Durham), “The state and community work in Northern Ireland, 1966-82”, Ulster, 1989 [link]

Greg Clark (Conservative, Tunbridge Wells), “The effectiveness of incentive payment systems: An empirical test of individualism as a boundary condition”, LSE, Sociology, Industrial & Labour Relations, 1992 [link for download]

Thérèse Coffey (Conservative, Suffolk Coastal) “Structural & reactivity studies of bis(imido) complexes of molybdenum (VI)”, UCL, 1998 [link]

Stella Creasy (Labour, Walthamstow), “Understanding the lifeworld of social exclusion”, LSE, Social Policy, 2006 [link: register for free download]

Jon Cruddas (Labour, Dagenham & Rainham), “An analysis of value theory, the sphere of production and contemporary approaches to the reorganisation of workplace relations”, Warwick, Industrial & Business Studies, 1991 [link for download]

John Howell (Conservative, Henley), “Settlement & economy in Neolithic northern France”, Oxford, Archaeology, 1981 [link]

Tristram Hunt (Labour, Stoke-on-Trent Central), “Civic thought in Britain, c.1820- c.1860”, Cambridge, History, 2000 [pdf — 145MB!]

Rupa Huq (Labour, Ealing Central & Acton), “Too much too young: British 1990s youth culture”, UEL, Cultural Studies 1999 [link: register for free download]

Kwasi Kwarteng (Conservative, Spelthorne), “The political thought of the recoinage crisis of 1695-7”, Cambridge, History, 2000 [link]

Peter Kyle (Labour, Hove) “Building capacity for community economic development: the case of the Kat river valley, South Africa”, Sussex, 2004 [link: register for download]

Oliver Letwin (Conservative, West Dorset), “Emotion and Emotions”, Cambridge, Philosophy, 1982 [link]

Julian Lewis (Conservative, New Forest East) “British military planning for post-war strategic defence, 1942-47”, Oxford, Strategic Studies, 1981 [link]

David Lidington (Conservative, Aylesbury), “The enforcement of the penal statutes at the Court of Exchequer c. 1558 – c.1576”, Cambridge, History, 1988 [link]

Caroline Lucas (Green, Brighton Pavilion), “Writing for Women: woman as reader in Elizabethan romance”, Exeter, English, 1989 [link]

Paul Monaghan (SNP, Caithness, Sutherland, & Easter Ross) “The role of the Board of Social Responsibility in the development and implementation of social work policy in Scotland”, Stirling, 2004 [link]

Jesse Norman (Conservative, Hereford),”Visual Reasoning in Euclid’s Geometry”, UCL, Philosophy, 2003 [pdf]

Matthew Offord (Conservative, Hendon), “Rural governance and economic development: the changing landscape of rural local government”, KCL, Geography, 2011 [link] [also!]

John Pugh (Lib Dem, Southport), “The logical & philosophical ideas of Bernard Bosanquet”, Manchester, Philosophy, 1995 [link]

John Redwood (Conservative, Wokingham), “The fear of atheism in England, from the Restoration to Berkeley’s Alciphron“, Oxford, Modern History, 1975 [link]

Eilidh Whiteford (SNP, Banff & Buchan) “Political histories, politicised spaces: discourses of power in the fiction of Alasdair Gray”, Glasgow, Scottish Literature [link for download]

Alan Whitehead (Labour, Southampton Test), “Petitions, Parliament & the public: an analysis of the changing nature of corruption, 1868-1883”, Southampton, Politics, 1976 [link]

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  1. Inspired by your work here, I did the same for the (considerably less bedoctored) US Congress:

    David Brat (Republican, VA-17) “Human Capital, Religion & Economic Growth” (Economics, American University, 1995)

    Tom Cole (Republican, OK-4) “Life and labor in the Isle of Dogs : the origins and evolution of an East London working-class community, 1800–1980” (British History, University of Oklahoma, 1984)

    Bill Foster (Democrat, IL-14) “An Experimental Limit on Proton Decay: p?e+?0 (Physics, Harvard University, 1984)

    Chris Gibson (Republican, NY-19) “Countervailing Forces: Enhancing Civilian Control and National Security through Madisonian Concepts.” (Government, Cornell University, 1998)

    Dan Lipinski (Democrat, IL-03) “Shaping public perceptions of Congress through franked mass mailings: An examination of the communication strategies used by members of the United States House of Representatives in the 1990s” (Political Science, Duke University, 1998)

    Dave Loebsack (Democrat, IA-2) “Capitalist penetration, level of development and policy strategies : alternative explanations of policy outputs and outcomes in sub-Saharan black-ruled Africa. Political Science, University of California, Davis, 1985

    Jerry McNerney (Democrat, CA-11) “A(1,1) Tensor Generalization of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator” (Mathematics, University of New Mexico, 1981)

    David Price (Democrat, NC-4) “Who Makes the Laws? the Legislative Roles of Three Senate Committees” (Political Science, Yale University, 1969)

    Ben Sasse (Senate Republican, Nebraska) “The anti-Madalyn majority: Secular left, religious right, and the rise of Reagan’s America” (History, Yale University, 2004)

    Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat, AZ-15) “Who Must Die: The State Of Exception In Rwanda’s Genocide” (Justice Studies, Arizona State University, 2012)

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