Question about Cupcakes

Is it my imagination, or are there a lot more cupcakes around than there used to be?


  1. Slate magazine’s business correspondent detected a cupcake bubble in the US last year; the contagion must be spreading. I’ve noticed a fair few, too.

    Quote | Posted 23 May, 2010, 3:02 pm

  2. Yes, there’s been a cupcake craze in the US over the past year or two — it started in NYC, and has apparently spread throughout the country. (You may be interested to know, Chris, that a cupcake boutique has opened in Harvard Sq, next to Tealuxe [was that there in your time?] and opposite the Coop. For really good cupcakes, though — and possible political theorist sightings — the place to go is Kick-Ass Cupcakes in Davis)

    Quote | Posted 23 May, 2010, 6:47 pm

  3. Not your imagination.

    If you’d like to see the worst excesses, visit Angel (of Isilington – where else?) and seek out The Cupcake Shop, where you can purchase individual cupcakes at £3.50 a go.

    You’ll have to fight your way past Guardian-reading upper middle class 40somethings and indie kids dressed like it’s 1924 first though.

    Quote | Posted 24 May, 2010, 10:39 am

  4. Speaking as a Guardian-reading professional middle-class 30-something, who was disappointed that an online “what lesbian stereotype are you?” didn’t return the verdict “1920s lesbian”, I am actually quite pleased by what seems to me to be the cupcake boom going on around me, though I have never visited The Cupcake Shop at the Angel, it is true.

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  5. Which lesbian stereotype are you? And did you really want to bE Radclyffe Hall?

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  6. Can’t remember. It was something quite boring.

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  7. Well, I just discovered that I’m the “typical lesbian”. Which I guess makes me the lesbian everywoman…

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  8. Cupcakes are a big thing for weddings nowadays. We just got married back in February (what a strange place to tell a couple of friends that news…) and so we found out that there’s a fashion for a multi-tier tower of cupcakes instead of a multi-tiered cake, although we had the latter.

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  10. Thank you. Marriage is quite wonderful. :)

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  11. Congratulations seconded! Splendid news! (Keeping up the strangeness in responding to the news here…)

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  12. This would make a perfect tweet. You ought to be on Twitter. Why aren’t you?

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  13. I am: virtualstoa

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