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As Simon points out in the comments to the post immediately below this one, there is confusion in ministerial ranks as to whether we are, in fact, going to be having a British Values Day after all. This page of the BBC is currently headlined “British Day idea ‘is still alive'”, but yesterday the same page was far gloomier about the future of British Values Day (more in line with this kind of report). Perhaps confusion about whether to have a Day on which to celebrate British Values is, in fact, a British Value? In other British-Values-Day-related news, I’m delighted to report that the Virtual Stoa is the top Google hit on the entire interweb for those searching for information about BVD, which is as it should be.

6 thoughts on “More British Values Day”

  1. I think this confusion is all part of the plan. We’re going to have surprise BVDs when Lord Goldsmith will turn up unannounced to administer oaths to unsuspecting 16 year olds.

  2. I only know about those kinds of BVDs through the Tom Lehrer song:

    ‘Mid the sagebrush, and the cactus,
    I’ll watch the fellas practice
    Droppin’ bombs through the clean desert breeze… (Yahoo!)
    I’ll have on my sombrero,
    And of course Ill wear a pair o’
    Levi’s over my lead BVDs…

  3. Come to think of it, “British Values Day” does sound like the title of a lost Tom Lehrer song, doesn’t it? Perhaps you could write uncover some lyrics for us…

  4. I just read in a swedish newspaper that the party secretary of Swedens biggest conservative party wants immigrants to sign a “contract” (not mandatory, but i guess it takes less time to become a citizen) where they acertain that they know “swedish laws, rules and values”. The only “swedish value” he mentions is…equality! Whats next, White History Month?

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