One thought on “Austria 2 – 0 Germany”

  1. Interesting? Perhaps. But not very good.

    1. Austria was, with England, the most feared side in world soccer

    This side of the Atlantic, sporting entities take the plural. “Oxfod United were relegated to the Conference twenty years after winning the Milk Cup”.

    2. That “chess grandmaster” comment occurs twice, giving the impression (as it isn’t developed at all) that he forgot he’s mentioned it the first time.

    3. Clichés everywhere: “the crowd erupted”, “something snapped” and so on. “Vienna’s rumour mills have been working overtime.” If you’re going to use clichés, by the way, get them right: we run “rings” round people, not “circles”.

    4. On which subject, have they really been “working overtime” for seventy years?

    5. “pushing 11 goals past Germany’s goalkeeper “. Pushing?

    It’s a poorly-written rehash of other people’s articles written by somebody who gives no impression of knowing the game about which he is writing.

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