I thought that Nick Cohen’s What’s Left? was likely to be the worst book that I would be reading in 2007, but it’s already been beaten, by Gertrude Himmelfarb’s The Roads to Modernity (Knopf, 2004). Well, I spent twenty minutes flipping through it the other day, rather than actually reading it, but even the briefest of flip-throughs makes it clear what a shocker it is. So that’s Cohen off that particular hook.

(I suppose What’s Left? is also the best book that I’ve read that was published in 2007, but that’s for the pretty obvious reason that it’s the only 2007-vintage volume that I’ve read through so far this year.)

I finally got round to reading Fénelon’s Telemachus over the weekend, which I should have done years ago (and it was splendid), but sitting on the sofa for quite so many hours on end seems to have given me a painful case of upper-arm cramp, so if you hear me barking in pained surprise over the next few hours, that’s probably what that’s about.

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  1. I think i have spotted what might be the worst book ever in Blackwells. It’s called something like “Our Culture: what’s left of it”, and it just looks unbelievably awful.

    So awful in fact that it looks like it could be the funniest thing ever. I’m rather tempted to buy it and spend a summer’s day in the back garden rolling around laughing about how ridiculous the pseudo-intellectual reactionary right is.

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