The A-List: Philippa Stroud

As late as 1987, Mrs Thatcher was saying that anybody who thought that the ANC was going to form the government of South Africa was “living in Cloud-Cuckoo Land”, and she repeatedly expressed the view that the ANC was a terrorist organisation, much like the IRA. In the new-look David Cameron-led Conservative Party, we can see new ways in which today’s Tories are positioning themselves with respect to the anti-apartheid tradition. Here’s A-Lister Philippa Stroud, addressing the question, “Do you really believe that the laws of this land can be changed to protect the lives of unborn children?”:

“I hear this so often from people who are firmly pro-life in their thinking, but who have lost sight of the hope of change. Let me explain why I am utterly convinced that it is only a matter of time before the laws of this land are changed. When Nelson Mandela was fighting apartheid he said that he never lost the conviction that he would win because he knew he had truth on his side. He argued that, when an ideology is fundamentally flawed, it will fall in the end. Who could have foreseen the collapse of the Berlin wall or the downfall of apartheid? Gradually momentum builds and creates such pressure that a one-time impenetrable stronghold of thinking comes tumbling down.”


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