The Politics of Facial Hair

The politics of facial hair are always interesting: Peter the Great (no, not that one) banned beards, the Taliban mandated them, etc.

On a slightly different but no less political register, I’m still wrestling with the bit of British Politics Trivia which maintains that there were no beards in the Cabinet between the fall of the Labour Government in 1931 (Sidney Webb, aka Lord Passfield, was heavily bearded) and the election of the Labour Government in 1997, which brought the beards of Dobbo and Cook to the Cabinet table. But can there really be no beardies in between? Sixty six years is a long time in politics (over three thousand weeks, in fact, each week being a long time on its own), and it does seem unlikel, or, at the very least, regrettable. Counterexamples, real or imagined, are more than more than welcome in the Comments below.

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