Here’s a press release from Bill Morris, former General Secretary of the T&G:

Sir Bill Morris said today: “It would appear that yet again we see the Government thrashing around seeking to appease Middle England by attacking some of the weakest people on our shores.

“Asylum seekers with children receive meagre benefits which take away their ability to properly feed their children; they have already lost their right to earn money to feed and clothe their children; now it is apparently being threatened that their children will be taken from them if they don’t conform to the Government’s wishes and go home.

“Using children to blackmail their parents is plumbing the depths of morality. If this does appear in the Queen’s Speech, then asylum seeking children have become the victims of a game that is impractical and goes against the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Human Rights Act.

“What does the Children’s Minister have to say on such a policy — I seem to remember the appointment was warmly applauded in last year’s Queen’s Speech.

“What has always been needed is calm legislation which addresses the real issues of managed migration, sharing the burden on a European basis. The Home Secretary’s recent announcements on plans for economic migrants to fill much needed jobs is to be welcomed.� Please can we have more quiet announcements rather than this hysterical nonsense which encourages asylum seekers to be seen as the cause of all our problems. They are not the cause, they are the victims.

“With these announcements, the BNP stands ready to reap the rich reward of anti-asylum seekers’ votes.

“Many of the asylum seekers whom we now threaten with the removal of their children and the removal of legal assistance to enable them to state their case, have fled tyranny in their own country; they can do without that tyranny here.”

Bill Morris will be speaking on behalf of asylum seekers held in Campsfield Detention Centre on Saturday 29 November 2003. He will be joining a demonstration organised by the Campaign to close Campsfield at the Campsfield main gates 12noon-2.30pm. (Details Bill MacKeith: 01865 558145).

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