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Dead Socialist Watch, #45

August 31st, 2003

Ferdinand Lassalle (pictured here), German socialist and romantic hero: born 11 April 1825, killed in a duel, 31 August 1864.

“But while Marx is honoured as a great thinker, Lassalle is adored as a great leader. His striking figure and meteoric career have made a deep impression upon the hearts and minds of the organized masses; his romantic, though foolish, end, his human failings, even his egoism endear him to them. They have enshrined his memory in poetry and song, while it appears to be as impossible for them to be lyrical over Marx as it is to set Das Kapital to music.” — W. Stephen Sanders, The Socialist Movement in Germany, Fabian Society Tract #169, February 1913, p.9.

Dead Socialist Watch, #44

August 28th, 2003

E. P. Thompson (pictured here), socialist historian, founder of the first New Left, author of, among many others, The Making of the English Working Class: born 3 February 1924; died 28 August 1993, ten years ago today.

Dead Socialist Watch, #43

August 27th, 2003

W. E. B. Du Bois, popular hero, born, Massachusetts, 23 February 1868; died, Ghana, 27 August, 1963.

Are Refugees an Asset?

August 26th, 2003

I bought myself a scanner the other day, and, to see how easy it is to do this kind of thing, I’ve just scanned and republished the text of an old P.E.P. pamphlet from September 1944, Are Refugees an Asset? on this site, spread over five brand new webpages.

Do go and have a read – and tell me if you spot any horrible glitches anywhere…

If you’re curious and/or impatient, the anonymous PEP pamphleteer thinks the answer is “Yes”, which is one of the many reasons it is a fine pamphlet, and highly deserving of a place somewhere in cyberspace.


August 25th, 2003

Everyone Who’s Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing, the idiosyncratic website which combines a directory of literary agents and the like with a large collection of one author’s rejection letters has recently been updated for its second edition. Well worth a browse, though it may be an acquired taste.

Dead Socialist Watch, #42

August 25th, 2003

Old Bolsheviks Grigori Evseyevich Zinoviev, b.23 September 1883 and Lev Borisovich Kamenev, b. 18 July 1883. Both shot after Stalin’s most famous show trial on 25 August 1936.


August 23rd, 2003

The combination of Test Match cricket on the radio, a full, large glass of NZ Sauvignon blanc, late afternoon fine Summer weather outside and a vast amount of documentation recently posted to the Hutton Inquiry website is pretty intoxicating.

Or maybe that’s just the booze. (And it’s not yet 6pm).

It is very good indeed to have all the Hutton documents in one, very accessible place. Usually we have to wait 30 years for this kind of stuff to appear. Most of the really interesting documents seem to have made its way into the public domain already, so there aren’t any huge surprises so far, but it is good to be able to read so many copies of so many documents in one go.

Ben Bradshaw, eh? What an irritating little shit.